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Cookie Cutter Crafting Kit (The Original)
Easily create original cookie shapes for any occasion
with this complete cookie cutter kit.

You can now easily make any shape cookie cutters with THE COOKIE CRAFTING KIT.
You do not have to search all over for that unique cookie cutter shape. When you have an inspiration, just get out this kit and in minutes you will have an attractive and useful cutter just the way you want it.

THE COOKIE CRAFTING KIT includes aluminum material for making attractive cutters suitable for permanent decorations but ready for many years of kitchen duty.

All the materials you need to make 6, 8 or more aluminum cutters are included,
plus you get:
  • Over a dozen full size patterns to get you started.
  • 11 proven cookie recipes including some real surprises!
  • Simple four-step instructions to make your dough cutters.
  • Lots of ideas for cookie cutters and other crafts.

Surprise your friends and delight your loved ones with unique cookies just for their special occasion. What a great way to recognize a special person's special occasion. How about greeting a new neighbor with fresh cookies in the shape of their new state. How about a sports shaped cookie for your favorite athlete; football, soccer, lacrosse skating, ?????
Maybe a plate of key shaped cookies with a new car key among them?

When you give gifts to loved ones, few things are as joyfully received as items that you made yourself, just for them. Cookies are everyone's favorites and cookies shaped for the occasion are truly special.

Enjoy fun times with your children or grand children making personalized cookies and wonderful memories. Kids and adults enjoy creating new cookie shapes together. How about tracing the child's hand and making cookies that shape. Maybe use their favorite cartoon characters. Of course every child (of all ages) loves to put their new cookie cutter to use making fresh delicious cookies. They can also make permanent decorations using baking dough that can then be painted for holiday gifts. Christmas tree ornaments and various refrigerator magnets are always fun to create, give and receive.

Brighten your home with beautiful personalized decorations of bright aluminuml using the materials in this kit. Many home makers like using the warm rich look of aluminum cookie cutters as country style wall decorations. Aluminum shapes also mix well within dry floral arrangements or wreaths for variety and contrast.

Make gifts that charm and get used over and over again. Consider making a cookie cutter for that certain friend and giving it surrounded by a batch of cookies made in that shape. For far away friends, send a cookie mix in a canning jar with the cutter tied to it with a decorative ribbon. Possibilities are endless.

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